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A whole community helping you

Anything can happen anytime. Problems and opportunities are everywhere, and you need to know.   

OneTraffic is the network where people, organizations, and things connect to keep everyone on the go safe, informed, and entertained.       

Messages and content are streamed, at the right time and place, from members that have something to share to members that need it. Even if the situation and location of everyone and everything constantly changes, and members don’t know each other

Your personal
audio stream

Everyone on the go needs to stay safe, informed and in-touch. Until now they have used networks made for text, search, opinions, or pictures to communicate in traffic.
That is not safe or effective.

OneTraffic is the new communication network where the messages you need and the media you love is automatically delivered as a personal audio stream on your phone. Just move around connected to the network via our app to listen in real time, receive personal alerts, and stream messages to others.

Customize your stream by selecting the type of messages and media content you want. Based on your choices, location, situation, and more, your personal stream is created in real time. Safe, effective, and free.

Your personal alerts

OneTraffic keeps you safe and informed even when you can’t listen to your personal audio stream.  The messages you want will be streamed as personal alerts you can read or listen to later.

Important messages about emergencies near you, messages from family and friends, and other messages you allow can be streamed even when the app is not active. You have full control of what you want and not.

Never miss important messages again. It can save your life.

No more texting
while driving

Audio messages replacing text messages will make traffic much safer. Send audio messages to the personal audio stream of a friend, to an organization or stream reports about problems or opportunities you see to other OneTraffic users.

Your personal AI

ONE is your personal AI (Artificial Intelligence) that merge the messages you need and the media you love into your personal audio stream, send you personal alerts etc.

Just add the channels and places relevant to you and move around with OneTraffic active as much as possible. This will make ONE better and better at helping you.

A world of channels

OneTraffic is all about channels.

There are two main types of channels.  Message Channels gives you short messages and content. Stream Channels gives you media content of longer duration. Some Stream Channels repeat the content in a loop, while others play a continuous stream.

Many channel types are already active in OneTraffic. A ton of exciting and useful content for these channels is on the way. Download OneTraffic and try it today.

Channel Types

Safety Channel

Anything can happen at any time.

Messages from public safety organizations will alert you about important situations. Even if you are not actively listening to your stream.

It can save your life.

Driver Channel

Messages from organizations, fellow drivers and a billion sensors will help you know on the go. Just listen. Be a hero, report what you see to help others.

Turn by turn guidance will help you make smarter decisions.

Stream Channel

Listen to thousands of streams created by OneTraffic and media organizations from all over the world.

Create your own stream and distribute it on OneTraffic.

Public Channel

Follow channels from organizations like the police, fire departments, cities, weather services, transportation companies and more.

Their messages will be part of your audio stream and help you stay on top of what’s happening near you.

Private Channel

Safe and effective audio communication between invited channel members.

Listen to messages and stream your audio messages to others when you are in traffic, at a construction site, or any other busy environment.

No more dangerous text messages in traffic.

Community Channel

Listen to the locals.

Messages from local community members about fires, crimes, power outage and much more to help you avoid problems.

Sharing what we know will help everyone.

Line Channel

Listen to messages from passengers on your line about delays, cancellations, safety issues and more. Know about problems in time to makes smarter decisions.

Be a hero, tell others what you know.

Event Channel

Listen to messages or streams from the event you are attending.

Arrive, stay and leave events and venues safe and informed.

School Channel

Listen to messages and streams from your school.

Arrive, stay and leave the campus safe and informed about any situation.

Personal Channel

Fast and effective communication between two people. Stream messages from one personal stream to another.

Replace dangerous text messages with safe audio messages to keep your partner, kids and friends safe in traffic.

Group Channel

Connect your friends or family in a group channel for safe and effective messaging wherever they go.

Stream messages to the personal audio stream of all group members in real time.

Club Channel

Let opportunities find you at the right time and place.

Allow the partners of OneTraffic Club to offer you discounts and advantages that makes your time on the go better.

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