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If no one tells you about problems and opportunities near you, and you use text in traffic to stay connected, it’s just a matter of time before you end up in trouble.

OneTraffic is the location-based network where members share information and content that help everyone on the go stay safe, informed, and entertained.

Make smarter decisions with personalized audio messages and content automatically delivered to your phone at the right time and place.

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Just move around connected to OneTraffic via the app.

Members share messages, information, and entertainment in channels. Join the channels you like.

A personal audio stream is created in real time based on the content in the channels you follow, location, preferences, the messages you send or receive, and the world’s largest collection of free audio entertainment.

Listen as a continuous stream or as alerts.


Safe because anything can happen at any time. OneTraffic can send you emergency messages, time critical messages etc. as personal alerts even when you’re not moving around.

Safe because we replace dangerous text messages in traffic with safe audio messages to save lives.

Safe because the whole network is encrypted and operates according to the GDPR privacy regulations to always protect your data.


Moving around is expensive. Vehicle, public transportation, insurance, parking, gas, food, and everything else.

OneTraffic will team up with partners to help you reduce cost of mobility as much as possible.

The more you participate and help the network, the more advantages and discounts you will get. All the way to FREE.



It’s stressfull and unsafe to keep checking multiple websites and switch between different mobile apps while you’re busy in traffic.

Our goal is to give you one superapp. Everything you need on the go to stay safe, informed, and entertained.

OneTraffic members are already communicating, collaborating, and coordinating in many useful channels.

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Channel Types

Stream Channel

120 000 channels. More added every day. 

Spending time in traffic is boring.

Listen to the world’s largest collection of free entertainment channels to make your time in traffic feel shorter.   


Fuel Channel

150 000 fuel stations. More added every day.

If you chose the wrong fuel station you waste money and time.

Check the prices and services in the world’s largest fuel station database.

Updated by the station owners and the members of OneTraffic.

Driver Channel

Be alerted about police activity, speedcameras and events as a reminder to always drive carefully. No DUI alerts.

Get reports from other drivers and organizations about problems and opportunities ahead on your route. Be a hero and report what you see to others.

We have created a new and better map that reduces distraction and risk of accident by displaying only the data you need to stay safe and informed on the move.

Line Channel

Messages from public transportation providers often comes too late or not at all. Because they don’t know who needs what message.

If you know about the problems in time you can make smarter decision and limit the consequences.

Use OneTraffic to communicate with fellow passengers on your line to share information in time and help each other when something happens.

Safety Channel

Anything can happen at any time.

Messages from public safety organizations will alert you about important situations. Even if you are not actively listening to your stream.

It can save your life.

Public Channel

Follow channels from organizations like the police, fire departments, cities, weather services, transportation companies and more.

Their messages will be part of your audio stream and help you stay on top of what’s happening near you.

Private Channel

Safe and effective audio communication between invited channel members.

Listen to messages and stream your audio messages to others when you are in traffic, at a construction site, or any other busy environment.

No more dangerous text messages in traffic.

Community Channel

Listen to the locals.

Messages from local community members about fires, crimes, power outage and much more to help you avoid problems.

Sharing what we know will help everyone.

Event Channel

Listen to messages or streams from the event you are attending.

Arrive, stay and leave events and venues safe and informed.

School Channel

Listen to messages and streams from your school.

Arrive, stay and leave the campus safe and informed about any situation.

Personal Channel

Fast and effective communication between two people. Stream messages from one personal stream to another.

Replace dangerous text messages with safe audio messages to keep your partner, kids and friends safe in traffic.

Group Channel

Connect your friends or family in a group channel for safe and effective messaging wherever they go.

Stream messages to the personal audio stream of all group members in real time.

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