Helping a million people every day

staying safe, informed and entertained on the go by broadcasting from helicopters sparked a crazy idea.

Imagine if we could help everyone in traffic everywhere connect into one safe and effective communication network based on audio.

That was the start of OneTraffic.

André Eilertsen, founder

Why it’s important

You and your family

Personal and professional users of OneTraffic like the police, your city, weather services, companies, emergency responders etc. will be able to stream messages in time to save you from dangers and problems.

This will save lives every day.

50 million lives

Personal and professional users streaming safe audio messages instead of text messages, and reducing time spent looking at screens, will reduce the 50 million fatal and non-fatal injuries in traffic every year.

Effective mobility

Personal and professional users in a city using OneTraffic to communicate, collaborate and coordinate their mobility is the most effective way to increase transportation capacity and reduce air pollution.

70% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2030.

Better communities everywhere

Personal and professional users moving around unknown to each other will finally get an effective way to connect and collaborate on improving their community.

This opens up a whole new world of opportunities we have never had before.