Safe and effective communication

People busy in traffic can’t use networks based on text, pictures or search.

They listen.

The social
audio network

People and organizations connect in OneTraffic to keep everyone on the go safe, informed and entertained.

Network of
intelligent channels

We use artificial intelligence and patented technology to produce a two-way personal stream to each user in real time.

Your messages and content will be streamed to members of your channel at the right time and place.
Even when everyone is constantly moving around.

Effective and easy

Stream messages and content in seconds to one or a million from anywhere.

Manage any channel from one Channel Management System.

Channel types


Anything can happen at any time.

Stream public safety messages in seconds to those affected by a situation. OneTraffic knows who are in the right situation and location.

It will save lives.


Stream messages safe and effective to people in traffic at the right time and place.

Manage traffic situations reported by the drivers and sensors everywhere.

No more waiting for radio stations to deliver your message.


A stream channel is used for continuous live streams or recordings. Stream to a store, company, building, city or the whole world.

Get the attention of people on the go.

“Drive time” used to belong to radio.
Now it can be yours.


Create a public channel and allow the members of OneTraffic to follow your organization.

The messages and content you stream will be delivered by our Al to the personal stream of the followers in the right situation and location.


Safe and effective audio communication between invited channel members.

Two-way streaming of safe audio messages to employees or others moving around in traffic, at a construction site, at an event etc.

No more text messages causing accidents.


Communicate with the locals.

Two-way streaming of messages to collaborate with local community members during a fire, crime, power outage or in any other situation.

A community helping each other.


Stream messages to passengers on your line about delays, cancellations, safety issues and more.

Listen to messages from passengers to know about problems faster.

It will make everything flow better.


Keep visitors to your event or venue safe, informed and entertained.

Stay in contact with your visitors from the time they leave home, during the event and back home.


Keep students and visitors on campus informed and safe in any situation.

Safe and effective communication will make the day at school better for all.